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"Invasion of the Coqui," an installation of screenprint on kozo by Devyn Park.

Invasion of the Coqui

Mar 4 12:00 AM - Mar 31 12:00 AM


511 Building - Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design

Tiny Thumb Student Gallery in Library

Graduate Exhibitions

511 NW Broadway
Portland, Oregon, 97209   [map]

Quiet spaces are often taken for granted. On the Big Island of Hawaii the invasive Coqui frog has transformed the once quiet natural rainforests into a cacophony of loud cries, screaming “ko-keee, ko-keee”. The quiet hum of the endemic crickets has been forever silenced by the Coqui as their population is too large to control.

This installation aims to inform the viewer of the status of the Hawaiian rainforests and native species, while asking them to be more aware of their impact in the spaces around them.

–Devyn Park