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Mouse House by 2018 Golden Spot Resident Beckey Kaye

Leland Iron Works 2018 Show: A PART

Mar 7 5:30 PM - Mar 21 12:00 AM


Off Campus Exhibition

PLACE: 735 NW 18th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

Community Events

A PART is an exhibition of works by the 2018 Leland Iron Works artists in residence. A PART speaks to the many ways this year’s artists examined and discovered their place; be it in time, within culture or in the space in which they find themselves. Each artist, in some aspect of their work played with notions of being apart and a part.

Located just east of Oregon City, Leland Iron Works is the home and studio of sculptor Lee Kelly and his family. Lee, who graduated from the Museum Art School in 1959 along with his wife Bonnie Bronson (’62) moved from North Portland to the rural property in 1963. They created a space close to nature that fostered the growth of their children and their art practices, and served as a sanctuary for their creative friends and colleagues. For over 50 years, Leland Iron Works has been home to artists, activists, musicians, writers, climbers, architects, poets, and dancers. The residency program at Leland Iron Works is a continuation of that legacy.

The 2018 “Golden Spot” Residents:
Jodie Cavalier
Diane Jacobs
Beckey Kaye
Mami Takahashi
Linda Wysong

The 2018 Emerging Artists:
Robin Cone-Murakami
Nicolo Gentile
Lauren Goding
Catherine Ross
Adam Simmons
Melanie Stevens