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Low-Residency MFA Thesis Proposals

Jan 17 1:30 PM - 7:00 PM


511 Building - Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design


Graduate Lectures

511 NW Broadway
Portland, Oregon, 97209   [map]

Join us as the 2nd year Low-Residency MFA candidate present their thesis proposals

2nd Year presentations

Thursday 1/17/19 1:30pm-7:00pm Room 601

1:30pm Abney Wallace

Media:Mixed Media Installation

Project Description: A sacred space? A ritualised space? An activated space? An ecstatic space? A meditative space? A transformative space? A profane new-age space? A transdimensional space? A nebulous space? An immersive space? Who is the viewer? Is there anything here to see? An immersive space carved out of nothing where the relationship of the viewer/object is challenged in such a way as to transcend any sense of “I” and “it”- instead suggesting a greater sense of “we/us” as “I” and “I” as “it”. Boundaries will dissolve upon impact.

2:15pm Vanessa Englund

Media: Sculptural installation and found objects

Project Description: A constructed home made with concrete, metal and wood scraps, bamboo and fabric inspired by traditional homes in the Philippines. The space will house curated paraphernalia from family and others in the Filipinx community to suggest resilience as embodied through home, material, and collective narrative.

3:00pm Forest Aliya

Media: Mural Installation/ Linear Sound Installation

Project Description: An exploration of how space is created on a two dimensional surface. The mural is a timescape which directly responds to contemporary ecological movements: Anthropocene, Deep Ecology, and Chthulucene as well as applying ancient wisdom to modernity. The linear sound installation represents how earth communicates and interacts to human and non-human life through time.

3:45pm Joel Cleland

Media: Paint, charcoal, pencil

Project Description: A presentation of work that explores the influence of dream and fantasy on observed settings; a search for solace and refuge within the turbulence of contemporary reality.

4:30pm Break

4:45pm Marie Conner

Media: Sculpture, video, & multi-media installation

Project Description: A video documentary and multi-media installation exploring disability aesthetics and the intersection of personal narrative, ableism, and otherness theories. Documenting the everyday through video shot on GoPro works to shift the perception of spectacle traditionally related to disability toward anti-spectacle through placing the viewer in first-person perspective with the subject. The video is incorporated with sculptural installation utilizing “stolen” paintings, found objects, and assistive devices to address adaptation and exploring physical limitations.

5:30pm Nicole Baker

Media: Film, video, and light installation.

Project Description: A fully immersive, 360°, planetarium-esque media installation. The artist will utilize hand-processed, hand-painted, and hand-made film to capture the wonders of the natural world. The outcome is hypothesized to create a space of deconstructed spectacle where viewers are participants in a sublime new reality.

6:15pm BloC (Britt Humphrey)

Media: Performance and activated objects

Project Description: Welcome to the Shark Tank

Hear how BloC intends to shatter the glass wall of neoliberalism and join the fight for freedom by providing a skills card game to pre-adolescent children.